Getting to Know Dylan Wilk

Get to know Dylan Wilk.

A self-made millionaire who built his fortune selling computer games in England but found his happiness and life purpose in the Philippines.  He's now a social entrepreneur, the CEO of Human Nature.

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Financial Education is For Everyone

Financial education is for everyone, including Pinoy entrepreneurs!  The success of businesses ran by individuals (sole-proprietors) greatly depends on how the individual is avail to manage his finances properly.  Separate what's personal and what's business.  Read the article and learn a few tips about personal finance from Suze Orman.   

Personal Finance superstar Suze Orman was in the Philippines for a brief road show, encouraging Filipinos to believe in the Philippines, to start saving, and to finally launch that journey to financial freedom.  Here are some of the key points that she imparted during her stay.

On Marriage and Finance

  • Having a Prenuptial agreement (prenup) is good.
  • Marry someone who you can freely discuss money issues with.
On Debt
  • Debt is financial bondage.
  • You will never achieve financial freedom if you have debt.
  • Pay off all your debt first before you start saving.
  • The most common financial sin is Credit Card debt.  

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Wealth Seminar: Superheroes of Abundance

Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club is holding a Wealth summit on March 1-2, 2013 dubbed "Wanted: Superheroes of Abundance." Here are some of the details from the Truly Rich Club site.

11 Super Things That Will Happen To You At The WEALTH SUMMIT

Here is what you’ll gain at the TrulyRichClub WEALTH SUMMIT 2013. You’ll also find below the Superheroes of Abundance that will rescue you from the financial DANGERS around you:
  1. Explode The Invisible Financial Ceiling Over Your Head. Learn the Habits of the Happy Millionaire! Captain Abundance Bo Sanchez (Founder, TrulyRichClub) will defeat financial mediocrity in your life by helping you create patterns of financial success that all multimillionaires practice. Start a financial revolution in your life!


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Online Freelancing: The Future of Outsourcing?

It's finally in the news.  A lot of people worldwide, especially in developing countries, have turned to the internet for their monthly cash flow.  In this article, Jeremy Wagstaff of Reuters, features Ms. Sheila Ortencio, a former university librarian turned internet freelancer.  After earning a meager salary, barely enough to support her family, as a universtiy librarian, Sheila shifted to freelancing using the internet and has since earned enough money to buy a land for a house plus make down payments for a condo unit.

Her story is definitely inspiring.  There is money to be made freelancing in the internet.  As Sheila put it, it's the independent and modern Filipino family's way of making a living.  It's a very interesting read.  Read more about the internet freelancing industry after the jump.


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Free Business Seminars in September

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through its Bureau of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BMSMED) conducts free SME briefing sessions monthly at the BMSMED Training Room, 5/F DTI Building, 361 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City. 

For the month of September, two schedules still remain.  

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Successful Businesses in E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, and Real Estate Marketing

Pinoy Entrepreneur came across this article from Money Sense about five entrepreneurs and how they made their first millions.  Among the 5, three of the interviewees made their first million through e-commerce or simply by selling stuff in the internet.  The other 2 made their millions engaging in real estate.  Given the statistics, it seems like these are the industries to look out for if you want to earn those millions and become financially free.

How I Made My First Millions
Highlights from the article by Mr. Heinz Bulos of Money Sense

First Millionaire - Ms. Cynthia Palad-Yap

  • Made her first million when she was 34 years old in real estate.
  • Biggest mistake was doing to many things at one time.  She learned that it was better to concentrate on one field.  When she saw the blueprints of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) she knew she found the right place to sell.
  • Tips of earning money in the real estate business: study the market well and find out what the market needs and develop the ability to match the need of the market with the need of the buyer. 
  • No. 1 mistake of newbies: Focusing more on the money than the relationship with clients!

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