Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Business


If you've been waiting for the perfect time to start a business, chances are it wouldn't come.

NOW is the time to do it.

Journey with me as I start my own business and take you through the articles in the book entitled "The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Business" by Entrepreneur Philippines.

Let's start our businesses together!

Part 1:
Think It! Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Inclinations

Think It: Portraits of an Entrepreneur

Part 2:
Find It! Spotting a great business idea and Pursuing it

Part 3:
Getting to Know Your Target Market (Market Research)
Marketing Research Tools

Part 4:
Plan It! Essentials of a Business Plan

Part 5:
Choosing the Best Structure for Your Enterprise

(Coming Soon!)

Part 6: Finance It: Raising money for your business
Part 7: Produce It: Making your product or choosing your service
Part 8: Launch It: Opening for business with a bang

Business Registration Guide (Where to register your business)
Where else to register your business (Business registration guide)

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  1. Tim | Every Peso Counts Says:

    Hi, thanks for pointing me out to your Essentials of a Business Plan post. I can easily find a template but I needed other people's point of view. Thanks!

  2. Personal Finance Apprentice Says:

    Thanks for the great info! I'm looking to hopefully start a business this year or next.

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