Mang Inasal's Entrepreneurship is all about Attitude

Nothing is impossible with the right attitude.  Do not be intimidated by problems.  Instead, look at them as opportunities for growth.
That's the entrepreneurial spirit of Mang Inasal's Chairman and CEO, Edgar J. Sia II.  He is one of the finalist for this year's Entrepreneur of the Year award.  As I was reading through his story, I noticed a few key points that made this man successful.  Read on to learn more from the man behind the success of Mang Inasal.

Insights from Mr. Edgar J. Sia II, Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Finalist, and CEO and Chairman of Mang Inasal Philippines, Inc.:

  • Market research is helpful.  Before putting up Mang Inasal, the company conducted market research in 16 different regions in the Philippines.  The research purpose was to find out the different culinary traditions and eating habits of Filipinos nationwide.  As a result, they found out that barbeque or inasal in Ilonggo was the type of food with the most potential and mass appeal.
  • Early exposure to entrepreneurship is beneficial.  Mr. Sia was lucky to be born in an entrepreneurial family.  He was exposed to the family business early on at the age of 10.  By the age of 20, he was already managing several businesses.
  • Aiming high and Thinking BIG!  While coming up with the business concept, Mr. Sia made it a point to start a business that had a potential to expand nationwide.  In just 3 years he was already able to open 20 branches.  And finally in 2005, he started franchising the business.  Now, there are around 260 branches nationwide.  
  • Continuous improvement and development.  Despite its success, Mr. Sia knows that a lot can still be done to make the business bigger.  The company has a research and development team specifically tasked to ensure the consistency and quality of their food across all branches.
  • And most importantly of all, he has that never-give-up attitude which was depicted in his statement above.  With the right attitude, one can be a successful entrepreneur (or any other profession for that matter) like Mr. Edgar Sia II.  "Attitude is Altitude!"     

Source: Business World Online.

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  1. Rachael Says:

    Got inspired when you said, "Nothing is impossible with the right attitude. Do not be intimidated by problems. Instead, look at them as opportunities for growth." This could really be the words someone should live by on managing business. I hope that you can be able to share us with some other words of wisdom that we need in our business. Thank you so much!


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