Think Big! Make it Happen in Business and Life (Donald Trump)

While I was visiting my uncle a few months back, despite being in his 60s, I was surprised to see his new collection of business books which happened to include bestselling authors and finance gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, and Donald Trump.  My curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask him if he actually read all these books.  To my surprise, he said that he actually did and added that more than for himself, he's actually reading the books to prepare his children, who are in college right now, to be entrepreneurial in spirit.  I was impressed and couldn't help but wished that I had a mentor like him growing up as well.  

Well, regardless whether one had a mentor growing up or not, now that we're all grown up and have the resources and freedom we once didn't have, it really now boils down to how much effort we're willing to put in to achieve our goals.  So keep on learning and striving to achieve your dreams!  Don't give up money magnets!  

And so I borrowed "THINK BIG: Make it Happen in Business and Life" by Donald Trump from his collection.  Read on to hear the story of how Bill Zanker turned his training business from a one man show to a multi million dollar enterprise with the influence of Donald Trump.  

Bill Zanker co-wrote "THINK BIG: Make it Happen in Business and Life" with Donald Trump.  I believe he was chosen to be part of the book because it was precisely this concept of "Thinking Big" that turned his business from a small training program receiving only 500 to 700 attendants to a multi-million dollar enterprise receiving 50 to 70 THOUSAND people in just one day.  Wow!

With the concept of putting up a center where people can get a quick education about things they could not learn elsewhere, Bill Zanker put up The Learning Annex.  He only had $5,000 as start up capital.  It was therefore important for him to save cost and start small.  And so he did most of the work.  He would even dress up as a clown and hand out course catalogs along the streets of Manhattan.  Afterwards, he would go back to his office and receive the calls for inquiries and enrollments.  When the calls didn't come, he would spend the time looking for teachers and speakers for future courses.  It was how he ran his business.  Albeit having a bit of success, his business wasn't growing and cash flow remained the same.  And it wasn't only because he lacked the resources and manpower, but also because he wasn't "thinking big" enough.  

Well all that ended when he decided to invite Donald Trump to speak in one of his courses.  At first he couldn't even get through Mr. Trump's secretary.  He called Donald's secretary and told her that he wanted Mr. Trump to speak in one of his events and in return offered to pay Mr. Trump $25,000.  The secretary didn't even hesitate and told him right off that Mr. Trump wasn't interested.  The next week he took a risk and tried quadrupling his offer to $100,000 dollars but the secretary still said no.  At that time he was devastated as this was the most money he had offered a speaker and he didn't think he could offer any more.  However, he considered Donald as one of his heroes, and was determined to get him as a speaker.  And so after gathering all the energy he could muster, he called Mr. Trump's secretary again and offered to pay Donald ONE MILLION DOLLARS to speak for just an hour in the Learning Annex.  This time the secretary didn't brush him off but instead told him that she would inform Mr. Trump of his offer.  "Yey! I finally got through!," he thought, but at the same time he was deeply worried as to how he would come up with the money to pay the man that he actually threw up right after.  

In less than an hour, Donald called him back and asked how many people he was going to get for the event.  Bill told Donald that he was going to get a thousand people to attend.  In his mind, this was a lot of people already as on the average he would only get around 500 people.  But Mr. Trump retorted and said that he'll only do it if Bill can promise to get TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE to attend.  At that time, Bill really didn't know how he would exactly get the ten thousand people Mr. Trump was asking for but he firmly said "yes." The deal was sealed.  And that was the time he started worrying how he would get that many people and raise more than 1 million dollars to pay Mr. Trump.  

As it turned out, his worries were baseless as a lot of people wanted to hear Mr. Trump talk.  At the Learning Annex Wealth Expo, Bill got much more than the 10,000 people he promised Mr Trump.  Over 31,500 people attended the first expo.  And as they say, the rest is history.  In succeeding events Bill was able to get even more people to attend, establishing a very profitable partnership with Donald Trump.  With this experience, Bill also realized that his self-confidence has increased.  He then started making bigger plans and invited top name celebrities, including President Clinton, to speak in his events.                       

 As Donald Trump puts it, everyone has two options in life: you can think small or you can think big.  He said, "If you're thinking already, you might as well think big.  It is your choice.  No matter what your circumstances,  nobody can stop you from thinking big."  He added that most people think small because they're afraid of success, afraid of making decisions, and afraid of winning.  This gives people who think big like him a great advantage.  

I'll end this article with a quote from Tony Robbins.  "If you want to make it big, you've got to push yourself beyond your limits.  You've got to pump yourself up and get yourself into a hyper mental state.  And YOU HAVE TO DO THIS YOURSELF.  Nobody can do this for you." 

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