Starting a Restaurant

In this article, Hannah Muralla of EntrepreNEWS, shares the tips in Starting your own Restaurant Business given by Pam Obieta, chair of the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde's School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management.

1. Learn the essentials.

Before investing in your own restaurant, you might want to gain industry experience first and apprentice with a mentor or a known establishment.
2. Create a name and build on trust.

Work from the bottom up. Leave your mark in the industry and establish a good track record. Mall operators usually lease out prime locations to those who have a strong customer base.

3. Location, location, location.

Location is very important. Study the area from the weather to the economic conditions.

4. Streamline Operations.

Concentrate on your core products and competencies. Identify areas where you can reduce costs. Consider outsourcing if it proves to be more cost-effective.

5. Consolidate functions.

If you have several branches, consider building a commissary to free up space in your branches and to consolidate the kitchen functions.

6. Focus on health and safety.

7. Use technology.

Invest in a good POS system to track inventory and customer information. Use it as a marketing tool.

8. Treat your employees well.

9. Be one step ahead of competitors.

10. Have a Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Show that you are sincere about helping out. Consider going "green" and help out the environment.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Peter Allan Mariano Says:

    Hello. These are great tips. Me and my wife started a small eatery before. Our place had lots of human traffic but were mostly lower income brackets. Although we had some following, we couldn't increase the prices or we will not have any clients. The cashflow was not commensurate to the effort we put in, so we eventually closed shop. We did not give up though as we still plan to look for good locations just like what you mentioned above.

    Best regards,
    Peter Allan Mariano
    My Prosperity Site

  2. Pinoy Entrepreneur Says:

    Hi Peter!

    Goodluck to you and your wife on your next business venture. Although your carinderia business did not go as you like, at least now, you have more experience in running a business. For sure, your next venture will be alot better.

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