THINK IT (Part 2) : Portraits of an Entrepreneur

Here's traits no. 8 to 13 of Portraits of an Entrepreneur from The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Business.

You can access the first part of this article by clicking on this link "Start Your Own Business"

8. Entrepreneurs are persuasive and know the value of networking.

Entrepreneurs are leaders in their community of employees, customers, creditors, and suppliers.  They are able to influence people on their way of thinking and of doing things.

Most entrepreneurs join organizations and clubs for the networks they provide.

9. Entrepreneurs are true to their word.
Entrepreneurs know how to take responsibility.  They have word of honor.  This makes you credible and when you are credible, people will come to you.

10. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks.

Entrepreneurs have a moderate tolerance for risks.  They don't always take the easy path.

11. Entrepreneurs demand quality and efficiency.

It is easier to convince people if your products are of high quality.
As for Gillie, she used quality to distinguish her bread from all the other breads in the neighborhood.

12. Entrepreneurs are systematic.

Entrepreneurs have a plan and they monitor it closely.  They don't just get into risky deals without calculating the risks.  

13. Entrepreneurs are confident.
Tan says his confidence did not spring from knowing he had a special talent or skill, but because he could see a strong earning potential from his concept.  Gillie says her home-based baking int he beginning was not only to hone her skills but also to develop her confidence in managing a business.

"It's all a matter of attitude.  Lack of capital is not a barrier to entrepreneurship.  Sometimes having a lot of capital can be a barrier.  Starting small and building capacity and confidence in the process is the spirit of entrepreneurship.  The country's economic standing is not an obstacle either.  Remember I started my business in 2001, at the height of the asian crisis." - John Tan of Chef's Pride

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