Go Negosyo Big Time: Entrepreneur 101

What is an Entrepreneur?

  • An entrepreneur is someone who establishes a new entity to offer a new or existing product or even a service into a new or existing market whether for profit or non for profit outcome.
  • A loan word from French, an investor.
MYTH: To be an Entrepreneur you must be born that way.
  • Anyone can operate like an entrepreneur.
  • Entrepreneurs are not born, they are developed. It starts with the three foundations of self-mastery, enterprise mastery, and enviromental mastery.
MYTH: Only the rich can start a business
  • Maritess Vistal started her business with only 10,000 pesos!
MYTH: In business, you must have a big capital.
  • Leo Aday started his "Taho" business with only 15,000 pesos!
A Business is sustainable if it has the following foundations:
  • Passion
  • Sustainable Market
  • Consistent Delivery of Product or Service

Choosing the right target Market is very important! Wrong target market equates to a wrong medium of advertisement and a wrong business set-up.

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