Mom's Advice on Starting a Clothing Business

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Aquamundo: An interview with Ralph Espino, owner of Aquamundo, the first Philippine brand providing SCUBA gear and equipment.

Mom's advice to Chal, the show's host, on starting a clothing business:
  • Make your brand, make your name, extend your line to include not just clothes but bags, shoes, and other accessories as well.
  • Make your brand popular and people will buy your product.
  • Don't just keep buying and selling other people's brand.  Develop your own brand.
  • When getting a partner, like your friend, consider the reasons for getting one.  This could either be for capitalization, for manpower, for intelligence (source of ideas), or a combination of these factors.
  • If no clear reason as to why you're getting a partner, it's better to do it alone.
  • Advantages of doing it alone: Nobody will interrupt your decisions.  If you fail, you will be the first one to learn.  If you succeed, you will be the first one to get it.
  • If you don't have money for capital, get a loan from the bank.
  • Setting up a store is not required at the start.  Mom prefers advertising in magazine first or actually creating your own fashion magazine to serve as advertisement and popularize the brand.
  • Never be afraid to start a business.
  • If you want to borrow capital from me, come up with a proposal first on how you are gonna pay me back. (^O^)/  (Her mom is just lovely.)

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