Start Your Own Business Course

The University of the Philippines Institute of Small Scale Industries (UP ISSI)  is offering a course on How To Start Your Own Business.  You can reach them with the following contact information:

UP Institute for Small Scale Industries
E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus,
Diliman, Quezon City 1101
Tel. Nos. 928-7076 to 79

Details of the course are as follows:


Entrepreneurial success depends on many factors largely revolving around the entrepreneur’s own set of actions and reactions to his environment.   An entrepreneur must be able to see and act on opportunities, plan and make decisions.  He has to work well under conditions of conflict, change and ambiguity.  He must be able to set clear goals and must be future oriented.  Most of all, he must know a great deal about himself and his environment.
To be effective, the entrepreneur should also be aware of his own potentials.  Ultimately, his success will depend on his commitment to continuous professional growth and personal development.  The Start Your Own Business Course seeks to develop entrepreneurial motivation and confidence as well as reinforce basic management skills.
 The course will cover the following topics:
I.    Entrepreneurial Motivation Training
II.   Enterprise Planning and Management
+     Overview of Enterprise Planning and Management
+     Formulating Your Effective Marketing Plans/Strategies
+     Formulating Your Effective Production/ Operation Plans/Strategies
+     Formulating Your Effective Organizational Plans/Strategies
+     Formulating Your Effective Financial Plans/Strategies
+     Forms and Sources of Assistance
+     You, Too Can Be an Entrepreneur
III.                Workshop on Business Plan Preparation
In general, the course aims to enable participants to demonstrate personal entrepreneurial competencies and to formulate basic business plans.  Specifically, the program aims to enable participants to:
/    Increase levels of confidence and entrepreneurial motivation, thereby developing in them proper psychological preparation and attitude towards business ventures;
/    Prepare business plans;
/    Identify the basic guidelines for effective supervision and analysis of business plans; and
/    Identify the basic management skills necessary to operate a business.
The Start Your Own Business Course is open to people intending to go into business, new business start-ups, or those in business who would like to enhance their business planning knowledge.
In order to be considered a graduate of the course and be awarded a Certificate of Completion, the participant should fulfill the following:
·          At least 80% attendance of total number of sessions. 
·          Submission and Presentation of a Business Plan.
The course will use a combination of lecture-discussion, exercises and workshops on business plan preparation.


Sessions will be conducted at the 3rd Floor of UPISSI.

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