Business Idea: Wealth from Worms

In this commentary by Ernesto M. Ordonez at the inquirer, he stated that there is money in worms.  He stressed that worms provide wealth "both in terms of providing us cash and restoring our ecological balance."

Worms can provide cash through vermiculture and vermicomposting.  Raising worms allows you to produce organic fertilizers which you can sell for profit.  In the commentary, it was stated that "you can get as much as 250-percent return on six two-month vermicompost cycles."  Total annual profit was estimated at 200,874 pesos.  It wasn't indicated though how much land you would exactly need.

Secondly, worms help in restoring ecological balance.  Worms feed on organic wastes.  They speed up waste elimination which helps our environment.  Switching to organic fertilizers produced by worms also reduces the use of chemical fertilizers which contribute to the degradation of our environment.  As an added bonus, using organic fertilizers makes our food more healthy.  We, the people, therefore also benefit indirectly from this type of business.  

More businessmen and farmers should really look into vermiculture and vermicomposting as an alternative business venture.  It truly is a great business idea, especially now that more of society is going "green".  Not only will you be earning a hefty profit, you can also be proud of your business.  There is a sense of pride in owning a green business.

If you want to learn more about vermiculture and vermicomposting, the article gave the following details:, and possibly calling PCAMRD (0495 365578) and/or Antonio de Castro (0918 9385726).

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  1. Jobs Philippines Says:

    This could be a backyard business that could grow into something really big. I think this kind of fertilizer is also healthier to use and yield organic produce.

  2. Pinoy Entrepreneur Says:

    Yes, i believe so too ^^ Thanks Job Philippines appreciate the comment very much.

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