Overcoming Fear: Business Start Ups

At the top on the list of excuses why most professionals do not start their own business is fear. Fear can be paralyzing. It can discourage people to act on their otherwise great ideas. And avoidance is not the answer. Here are some tips to help you overcome fear and get started on your start up business:

1. Remember that you can start slowly.

Remember that your start up business doesn't have to be big. Quitting your day job and starting a business right away would give anyone nightmares. You don't have to do it this way. Gradually transition from being an employee to becoming an employer. Give yourself time to think, plan, and work on potential problems. This should help lessen your anxiety.

2. Seek Help.

Remember that help is always available. And most of the time this help is FREE! Do not be ashamed to ask for help. You can approach your family and friends, visit entrepreneurship websites, visit the local chamber of commerce, your professors in college, and even government agencies.

3. Plan.

Nothing beats a well thought out business plan to help alleviate your fears. If you can come up with a good business plan, right there and then you would know the viability of your business. Knowing that your business is highly viable and profitable will surely help in easing out those nerves. It may even give you confidence!

4. Expect the Unexpected.

Accept the reality that starting a business entails a lot of risks. Knowing this will help you prepare for the time when it does come.

5. Put fear to work.

Use fear as a motivator. Remember that most successful entrepreneurs have been afraid at one time or another. Use your fear to push you to work harder to get your business up and running.

6. Build a support network.

Talking to fellow entrepreneurs who have walked the same path you're about to embark on can help assuage your fears. Attend conferences, join associations, and talk with others who started as you did but who have moved on to the next step.

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