Money Summit and Wealth Expo Day 2

Here are the highlights on Day 2 of the 1st Money Summit and Wealth Expo held on July 2, 2010. If you haven't read the highlights on Day 1 click this link: Money Summit and Wealth Expo Philippines.  

The talks started around 9am which was a bit late considering the number of speakers they had lined up for the day. 

Infopreneurship: Make money in the information business

First in line was a live recording of Joel Christopher's webinar called Infopreneurship: Make money in the information business.  Basically he defined infopreneurship as information entrepreneurship, i.e., selling information as your product.  Specifically he sold digital products like ebooks and audio books over the internet.  He suggested that you can either be one by becoming an affiliate (selling other people's product) or by becoming an info publisher (becoming an author and selling your own products).

Make Millions in Network Marketing

Rhea Horrilleno, a blue diamond member of well-known multi-level networking company Nu Skin, introduced us to making millions through Network Marketing.  A lot of the audience were very skeptical and may have been wondering why this was included in the line up considering that network marketing is often considered as a form of scam here in the Philippines.  But if you listened attentively to what Ms. Horrilleno had to say, she actually made a lot of interesting points.  For one, based on her own experience, she was able to illustrate that one can be a multi-millionaire through network marketing if you just take time to learn the craft - which is similar to what Forex guru, Mark So, wittingly referred to as "experience" on day 1.  And she was also right in saying that Multi-level marketing companies like Nu Skin already have well-developed systems which makes it easier for anyone to learn the trade and earn in the process.  And as we all know, it is an efficient SYSTEM that will make a business franchise-ready.

How to become a Pinoy eBay power seller

Eireen Diokno-Bernardo talked about how she and her husband started selling collectible items and Filipino handicrafts in the internet through eBay.  She was oozing with charisma and it was so easy to listen to her.  Although she didn't specifically say it, you can tell that her business has expanded and she no longer just sells items on eBay but also has her own display store and runs her own delivery company.  On a good month, she also averages around $10,000 in online sales.  She showed how you can use eBay and Paypal to sell products in the internet.  She also helps out would be online sellers for free!  Just look her up on the net and ask for her advice. (^o^)/

How to build a million peso home-based Internet business

Jomar Hilario talked about internet marketing.  He basically talked about the importance of using "keywords" to make your website rank high in search engines.  This is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique.  He also talked about hiring virtual assistants to assist him in  this business.  Aside from these, I don't think he presented anything more but just invited the audience to attend his other workshops and seminars where he would teach and give out more details. (Which is exactly what most speakers, with a few exceptions, did.  In this regard, I found the summit failing a bit because it sort of became a product promotion seminar instead of a true learning experience.)

Make money in Franchising by Ms. Bing Limjoco of Francorp.
Start and Grow a Lucrative Multiply business by Ms. Regina Sambalido

Unfortunately, I missed most of the 2 seminars above because after sitting the whole day listening to the talks, I had to go out and drink my caffeine fix for the day.  Basically I think Ms. Limjoco presented the ways you can expand your business and earn more by franchising it.  Francorp being a franchise development and consulting firm targeted the talk to business owners who may one day want to franchise their businesses.  

On the other hand, I think Ms. Sambalido just talked about how she started her online business for no fee through  This was to illustrate that you can use social media sites like Facebook and Multiply to promote your business and sell items as well.

Boost Your Portfolio with Alternative Investments

A guest speaker from Hong Kong, Mr. Meng Aw from the investment company Superfund, introduced us to Managed Future funds as an alternative investment vehicle.  Alternative asset classes  are those not considered as traditional assets (cash, bonds, equities, real estate).  He presented that  Managed Future funds are now more accessible because of lower minimum investment requirements and that they are actually good for diversifying portfolios because they are not highly correlated with traditional assets.

Quick Profits in Foreclosures
Noli Alleje is the 3rd speaker in this conference talking about making money through real estates (foreclosures).  I heard that he's a veteran in this department.  He recommended that it would be better to purchase from banks because banks have the initiative to protect their clients (the client being you).  In case problems arise (like multiple people claiming ownership of the foreclosed property you bought), dealing with banks is easier as they are more willing to provide client support and return what you paid for the property without much questioning.  Unlike the 2nd speaker, Ms. Dayrit, Mr. Alleje did not encourage renovating and fixing the property that much.  He said that normally he would just clean the property and try to sell it right away.  He cautioned on overly  renovating the property causing the market price to appreciate making the property harder to sell. 

The Rich Dad way to getting Rich

Jerome San of Laurus Enterprises closed the summit with his talk on The Rich Dad Way to Getting Rich.  He basically pointed out the highlights from Robert Kiyosaki's three Rich Dad books namely: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "Cashflow Quadrant", and "Rich Dad's Guide to Investing."  It was the perfect way to cap the seminar.  The Rich Dad books never fails to inspire.  As a last note, Mr. San expressed the importance of having all three investment types: Business, Real estates, and Paper Assets, to securing your wealth and truly becoming rich.

Boy, I can't believe that even just summarizing all these talks would take me 3 hours to write!  Well, I hope my efforts are not wasted and some of you out there are taking away a few lessons from this.  Remember always that we are here working to live and not living to work. (^o^)/

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