Trading for a Living

Trading is a universal business.  Any where you go there will always be people wanting to buy or sell products or services.  This happens because no individual can do everything on his own and thus people tend to specialize on what they know, what they're good at.  So therefore they exchange their products (items or services) with that of another's.    It's been there ever since man existed.  And believe it or not, a lot of businessmen actually still make a living by simply trading.  

In Mindanao, where a lot of the items being produced are agricultural products like rice, corn, and banana. Farmers, through middlemen, still send their produce into city centers, like Davao City,  looking for traders, usually small to medium scale businessmen, who would want to buy their products.  Ironically, businessmen from cities outside of Davao, also come to the city looking to buy the same products.  I guess, everything is traded in the "BIG" city because demand for it is higher there and therefore farmers can negotiate for a better price.   

The trading business has definitely evolved much.  Now, you can be engage in the trading business simply by logging on to your computer.  Aside from the multitude of online sellers making a living through selling their products online, there is also the Stock Market where in people can buy and sell shares of stock of a listed company.  In this regard, trading in the stock market can actually be a profitable business as well.

I simply wanted to write this article about trading to remind everyone that earning a living need not be that complicated.  The simplest form of which is trading and it can done by anyone who has a specialized skill to offer or a product to sell.  It may not be the easiest but to tell you the truth, a lot of businessmen earned their first millions by simply trading anything they can find that others would be willing to buy at a higher price. 

While surfing the internet, I came across this TV series called "Around the World in 80 Trades."  I've only seen the first episode but I reckon it is definitely worth your time. It is recommended especially for those who would want to learn a few tricks about negotiating and trading in general.  The 1st part of Episode 1 is shown below.  You can watch the rest of the series in YouTube.

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