Thriving Amidst Crises!

"WELCOME TO CRISIS!"  We echo Roger Collantes as he says this out loud with a cheerful tone.  Indeed, crisis is the new normal.  Everyone faces one form of crisis everyday in our lives and instead of associating crises with all sorts of  negativity we must face it with positivity.  

On a private event sponsored by Banco de Oro (BDO), we got a complimentary copy of Roger Collantes' Beyond Survival: How To Thrive Amidst Life's Inevitable Crisis.  The book tackles issues on how to view crises in a positive light, how to turn it to your advantage, and how you can learn to thrive in it and live meaningfully in the midst of it.  This was just last week.  BDO must have sensed that an imminent crisis was coming as today the PSEi closed at 4,157.03, effectively erasing all gains the PSEi had from the start of the year.  Not to mention of course, the bloodbath in all global markets.  In times like this, the author has this to say ... "Don't get BITTER, get BETTER!"

The reality is we face some form of crisis everyday in our lives.  And we must constantly find a way to develop the necessary skills to survive and triumph over these.  It is also a reality that nobody out there is going to save us from our crises and that we must rely on ourselves.  The battle lies within us and the good news is, we have been properly equipped to survive and thrive amidst all these.  

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain." -anonymous-

While crises result to a lot of negativity, these also bring forth a lot of good things.  For one, a crisis is often considered as a necessary ingredient for our personal growth and transformation.  It is when faced with the fact that we have less resources but have to do a lot more that we suddenly realize that there's no choice but to step up.  And people do step up most of the time.     

The author lost half of the value of his investments in the stock market during the 2008 financial crisis.  He has these 3 Investments Myths to share.

1. The Stock Theory
  • Before: What goes down will GO UP, EVENTUALLY.
  • Today: What goes down will GO DOWN LOWER ... and LOWER ... and EVEN LOWER (The Freefall Theory)
2. The Markets Theory
  • Before: When one market is DOWN, other markets are UP to make up for it.
  • Today: When one market is DOWN, they BRING DOWN other markets with them! (The Pandemonium Theory)
3. The Diversification Theory
  • Before: Don't put ALL your EGGS in ONE BASKET
  • Today: HOLD ON to all your eggs and THROW AWAY THE BASKET! (The Panic Theory)

"Don't waste a good crisis."
"Don't get BITTER, get BETTER."
"Make the most of what you have, right here and now.  Every moment you waste is a moment of happiness gone forever."
- Roger Collantes - (BEYOND SURVIVAL)

We would like to thank BDO and the generous donor who gave us this book.  It is not only timely but very inspiring as well.  Thank you!

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