Manila Food and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX)

The Manila Food and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX), the biggest and most comprehensive food show of the year, will run from June 17 - 21, 2009 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.  The expo will feature Chef Bobby Chinn.  The French-trained, New Zealand-born, San Francisco chef of Egyptian and Chinese heritage will be the main chef in this year's MAFBEX, promising to treat Filipinos to a gastronomic journey. 

Continue reading this article to see the schedule of activities below.

Schedule of Activities:

June 17, 2009          Successful Franchising                     11:00-12:00 NN
                                Barista 101                                     13:00-14:00 
                                Food Photography                          14:00-15:00
                                Healthy Meal For a Healthy You     15:00-16:00
                                Punches                                           16:00-17:00
                                How to Franchise Your Business     17:00-18:00

June 18, 2009          Chocolate Praline / Truffles                11:00-12:00
                                Know Your Meat: Basic Butchery     13:00-14:00
                                Hotelier Working Overseas               14:00-15:00
                                The Olympic Dream                          15:00-16:00
                                Baking 101                                       16:00-17:00
                                How to Invest in the Right Franchise  17:00-18:00

June 19, 2009         Delivery World-Class Service              11:00-12:00
                               Cocktails, Coffee, and Chocolate         12:00-13:00
                               Flairing: Basics to Extreme                   13:00-14:00
                               All About Franchising                           14:00-15:00
June 20, 2009         Sushi, Sashimi, atbp.                             11:00-12:00
                               Wine Appreciation                                13:00-14:00

Wow!  These events are way better than the ones scheduled for the Food Processing and Packaging Technology Expo in Mindanao.  I wish I was there in Manila so I can attend.

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