The Business Story behind Liquid Paper

Have you ever wondered who and how the liquid paper was invented? Read on to know the business success story of the genius behind liquid paper.

Here's a classic story for turning a need into a great business concept.

In the 1950s, Bette Naismith was a single mom who worked as a bank secretary. Although she was not a great typist, she was a very good artist. Every year, the bank asked her to paint the Christmas scene on the bank's window.

One Christmas, she made a mistake while painting on the window. Instead of erasing, she simply painted right over the mistake, like how artists normally do. She thought to herself, "I wish I could do that when I was typing." Her big idea came when she realized that she could.

She snuck some tempera paint into work and began to paint over her typos. She soon realized that this was a great product that she could sell to other secretaries. Working out of her house at night after she got home from work, Ms. Naismith began to experiment with different permutations of paint. By setting up her business at home, Bette Naismith was able to start the Liquid Paper Corporation, and revolutionized the office supply industry in the process.

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