Home-Based Business Advantage

     Don't commit the mistake of deciding right away to not making your business a home-based one.  There are actually two types of home-based businesses.  One type are those businesses that start at home and remain home-based.  But another type are those that start their business out of their home with the idea of moving it out as soon as it is feasible.   

     Among the few successful businesses that started out home-based are the following:
  • Disney
  • Amazon.com
  • Microsoft
  • Xerox
  • Apple
  • Google
     The owners of these companies understood that in the early, critical, start up phase of their business, money is vital and starting from home affords them the luxury of spending their capital on needs other than rent, which is smart thinking. 

     Starting your business at home could be one of the smartest decisions you'll make.  Setting up your business at home reduces your overhead cost and consequently increases your chances of success.  Just remember to treat your home business as you would any other business.  If you respond professionally, no matter where your business is located, you will be treated as one.  Besides, with the advent of new technology in this information age, it is practically impossible for people to tell where someone works. 

"Millions have found their productivity actually increase when they work nearer the people they are really working for - their families."
                                           -President George Herbert Walker Bush-

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