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Attend Disciplines of Breakthrough Entrepreneurs with the country's most sought after speaker Francis J. Kong, and learn how to avoid...the 10 Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

The 10 Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

As much as 85% of all start-ups fail in their first year. Of those that survive, only half make it past five years. Why do so many businesses fail? Why do so many remain small or stagnant?

Mistake #1: They wait for opportunities to come to them. Are you always waiting for something big to happen? Do you fail to spot opportunities and trends?
Mistake #2: They don't spend time and effort on new ideas. Are you just too busy with real work or too tired with daily responsibilities to develop your business ideas? Do you initially get excited and then gradually forget to follow through on your ideas?

Mistake #3: They don't enjoy working with people. Do you prefer working alone since no one can do a better job than you? Are you annoyed at being bothered by other people?

Mistake #4: They focus too much on fault-finding and not on problem-solving. When something wrong happens, do you spend too much time blaming people or circumstances? Do problems end up ruining your entire day?

Mistake #5: They want to keep everything to themselves. Do you believe in keeping all the spoils to yourself, since you're the owner anyway? Are you an all-or-nothing kind of entrepreneur?

Mistake #6: They're content with sitting on their laurels. Do you hate it when you have to try new things? Are you already comfortable with what you're already doing in your business?

Mistake #7: They stick to the same old things. Do you like doing what has always worked? Are you a firm believer of the saying "Don't fix it if it ain't broken?"

Mistake #8: They don't have adequate resources. Do you put everything you have in your business with no backup resources? Are you 100% dependent on your own capital?

Mistake #9: They think learning is expensive and a waste of time. Do you think you already know everything there is to know about your business? Are you the type who considers books, seminars, and learning programs too expensive?

Mistake #10: They believe business is all about money.
Do you do business just to make money? Are you just after profits?

You can learn to avoid these mistakes! Find out how the most successful SME owners have developed the right traits and practices when you attend the Disciplines of Breakthrough Entrepreneurs this April 24, 2010, at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

Seminar Fee
Super Saver Rate: P2,500
(up to April 16, 2010 only)
Regular rate:: P3,000

You can register here.

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