Red Ribbon Coffee and Bakeshop

      It was raining hard this afternoon and my stomach was grumbling.  Afraid of getting drenched in the thunderstorm, I had to settle for the nearest restaurant just below our condominium unit.  But I didn't mind because that store happens to be a Red Ribbon!  I love their meals especially the Salisbury steak and the Pan-grilled pork chops.  And so I hurried downstairs while contemplating what to order.  When I got to the store and was standing in front of the cashier already, I was surprised with what she told me.  She said that starting last June 1st, they are now no longer serving rice meals and pastas.  She said that they're now specializing in coffee, cakes, and pastries alone.  I asked if this would hold true for all Red Ribbon outlets, she said that there would still be some that would serve rice meals but I got the impression that most outlets would be converted to this new business format.

     Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired Red Ribbon in October 2005.  Could this be Jollibee's answer to McDonald's McCafe?  There's quite a variety of coffee drinks available in Red Ribbon but I honestly haven't tried any of it.      

     I'm posting this so you wouldn't be shocked the next time you crave for your favorite Red Ribbon pasta or rice meal and find out that they're no longer serving them.  My hungry stomach had to settle for something else, but it did get its craving for Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse!  Yummy!

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