Business Term: Ramen Profitability

During these tough economic times, business owners are ever more patient, not expecting their start up businesses to produce significant returns right away.  In these times, "slowly but surely" seems to be business motto everywhere.

In the April 2009 edition of Time Magazine, the magazine featured new internet start-up booms and how they "Get Rich Slow".  It was here where I encountered the term "Ramen profitable."  Yes, you read that right, Ramen, as in the very popular japanese noodle.  (The human mind is infinitely creative!  The things people come up with never fails to impress me.)

According to the article, the term ramen profitable means that "your start-up (business) is self-sustaining and can eke out enough profit to keep you alive on instant noodles while your business gains traction."  Therefore, your business is earning just enough to sustain itself and leave you a little something to take home as well.

If somebody would ask me to use this in a sentence I would say "My home-based brownies business is ramen profitable." (^o^)v

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